Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Care and feeding of blogs

Couple more people offer advice about blogging.

nykola says...

I began in January of 2004 with a paltry 12 visitors a day. Thirteen of those 12 visitors were me. Every now and then someone would stop in because they did a Google search for "black girl," or "Seattle buses," but for about 1 month, I was my number one fan. To be honest, I never really cared who stopped by. The act of blogging was cathartic. Eventually, things changed, and when I had 30 hits a day, I thought I was the stuff Remember...success is relative. Stop comparing yourself to other people.

John Hawkins says...

10) If you're going to talk about something that everybody else in the blogosphere seems to be talking about, at least try to say something original about it. If you sound just like everybody else, why should anyone come back?

Adrian Warnock says...

The most important decision you have to make before you begin your blog is will you be an anomynous blogger known only by a "nickname", will you be a blogger with a nickname who also makes your name public (eg the Jollyblogger by David Wayne) or will you be known by your own name like I am. Placing your own name on a blog reminds you that your blog can be read by anyone who knows you. Using a nickname only may not protect you from being found out especially if you start blogging things you shouldnt! Everything you ever write online could be read by your boss at work, your wife or your best friend.

Of course all of them have lots more to say.
Bloggers are still evangelical about blogging. Does that have something to do with misery loving company?

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