Sunday, October 24, 2004

Real Live Preacher

Preachers aren't supposed to use profanity but this one does. Well, not exactly, but he quotes accurately when someone else uses profanity. His stories are short, like the parables of the New Testament. He really is a preacher. And for a long time the members of his little church had no idea that he had a much larger ministry on line with his Real Live Preacher weblog. He was found out, however, and as his reputation grew he was also persuaded to publish a book, which he has done.
He still tells stories, though. This one only takes a minute or two to read. Here is an excerpt:

I become vaguely aware of a red pickup coming to a stop near me. When it doesn't move on, I lift my head and see a man wearing a John Deere cap and sunglasses looking at me from inside the truck. The electric window glides down and he speaks to me.
"You a visitor?"
"Yes," I say, pleasantly. I think that maybe this is his first time here, and I feel a desire to help make his orientation easier than mine was. I want to invite him to ask questions, so after a brief pause I ask, "Why?"
He stares at me for a moment, then slowly turns and looks straight ahead. He drums his thumbs energetically on the steering wheel as if he is considering what to say to me. When he finally speaks he keeps his hands on the wheel and continues to stare straight ahead.
"No reason."
This is, of course, a lie. You don't stop your pickup, roll down the window, and ask a stranger a question without some kind of reason. Not in Texas, anyway. Link

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