Monday, October 18, 2004

Introducing Rachel Lucas

There is a handful of gifted writers on the internet who write so well that when they rant the result is sheer poetry. Rachel Lucas is one of these people. She quit blogging for a while, but she is getting back into the groove after a long break.
I don't agree with everything she says, but I have to admire the way she says it. As Freddy said to Liza in My Fair Lady, "It's the new small talk.You do it so awfully well."

And then there's Bush. Oh, god, there's Bush. You know, I'm not really sure what he said last night because I was fixated for the first half hour on that piece of foamy spit stuck in the corner of his mouth. It was disgusting and I could not look. I'm not kidding. I hate it when people get that dry-spit thing in the corner of their mouth. Makes me sick. In elementary school, one of my teachers had a problem with that, and I remember my nausea and repulsion to this day. WIPE THE CORNER OF YOUR MOUTH, MRS. SPENCER, OR I'M GOING TO HURL. It was
hard on me; I was only seven. Link

That snip followed the debate, obviously. There is content to her stuff, believe it or not, but like a Mardi Gras queen the form is often better than the content.

Here she is doing wallpaper herself, having to prepare a wall that was not done with that great "stripable" paper that comes off so well.
Really, I'm just trying to help. Feeling sociopathic? Want to do something downright inhumane but don't want to go to jail? Looking for ways, through home decorating, to express the side of yourself that's ruled by pure, galling, blackhole-like malice? Then there you go. Indulge yourself. Wallpaper unprimed drywall and call it a day. Good for you and have fun in hell. Link

Rachel Lucas cusses, but not as much as she seems to be doing lately. After she gets back into the groove, I predict that her vivid imagination will outrun the need to cuss. That has been the case in the past. Her screeds are ten times as effective and much more satisfying than cussing.

That's why I like blogging. Where else can you find fresh, creative writing and thinking, and in such abundance? The more I read, the more I am amazed at the variety of human experience. I have noticed that after a while bloggers sometimes burn out, or have writer's block. Three or four of my favorite writers have either quit blogging or gone on to something else. I read today on the Blogger news notes that Evan Williams, one of the co-founders of Blogger, has left. Since Google bought Blogger, I expect he had more than cab fare. His weblog has archives going back to 1999. My guess is that like most creative people he will get into something else that will do well.

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