Friday, October 29, 2004

VC is not always Vietnam Catfish

In this case, it means "venture capitalist." That's someone who underwrites new business ventures by putting his (or somebody's) money where his mouth is. You need to be pretty savy about a lot of things to do that for a living.

Here is an endorsement for Colorado initiative #36 which would divide electoral votes from Colorado to reflect the way citizens voted in the Presidential Election, rather than the current, winner-take-all, system.

Feld Thoughts: I just voted and it felt good: "The anarchist is me voted for Colorado Amendment 36 (proportional voting). Last time I checked, we lived in a 'one vote for each person country', although I can't ever remember whether we live in a democracy or a republic (and - after reading this link - I still can't tell.) Lots of folks rail against the electoral college - I took my mandatory semester of government in high school and couldn't figure it out. Colorado's proportional voting amendment is retroactive, so if it passes, the 9 Colorado electoral votes will be allocated proportionally (making Colorado most likely a 5-4 state.) My election prediction at this point is that Kerry will win by 3 votes, Colorado Amendment 36 will pass, Colorado will go 5-4 to Bush, the Bush faction will sue for unconstitionality of the retroactivity of Amendment 36, and the Colorado Supreme Court will have some fun in November and December (and we won't find out who our new president is until 2005 sometime.)"
This guy has his finger on a lot of pulses. He has to predict market trends and business responses with reliability in order to pay the rent as a venture capitalist. I haven't looked at the individual companies in the left side bar of his blog listing "my companies" but just having a list impresses me. My list would be quite short. And it wouldn't even be "mine".

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vietnamcatfish said...

Hello Hoots, Me and Charlie are watching Omen II while writing. What an uplifting movie? We have arrived at the part where a friend of the family surmises that Damien was fathered by you know who.

I ( imho ) believe that we live in a republic. Democracy is bandied about, allah John Kerry. And others. But a democracy = mob rule, er, majority rule. Which is not the system we have. Unless you venture the upcoming Super Tuesday as an example?