Wednesday, October 27, 2004

James Lileks has a fantasy

We'll go right to the end because it's the best. And easiest to get. In his usual manner, Lileks is all over the place this morning, opening with Natalie and the laptop to a minifisking of Andrew Sullivan. The Bleat ends with this deliscious tidbit:

LILEKS (James) The Bleat: "I have a fantasy. Kerry wins. He's having a summit with Tony Blair. In the middle of the conversation, Chirac calls up; Kerry excuses himself and has a brief chat about a new resolution to let French oil companies bid on reconstruction projects, and they have an amiable conversation in French. Kerry hangs up.

"Your predecessor," Blair says, "spoke to him in English."

"I know," says President Kerry. "He couldn't speak French."

"He didn't have to," Blair notes. He gives a tight smile. And sighs. And gets down to explaining what now must be done.

If Tony B. ran against Kerry in this country, I wonder who'd win? I'd vote for him. Everything else aside, he gets it. He always has. "

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