Sunday, October 31, 2004

Under the radar, it seems...

My earlier post about scrubbing the White House website whiter can now be considered dated. Looks like the federal webmaster has restored the missing data.
Brad is sure it is because of his valiant quixotic efforts. I tend to agree from the little I know, which is this: all but the first of the links I selected for this blog did NOT work when I tried them. They do now. I leave the rest of the fact-checking to smarter sleuths than me.
As they say, we report; you decide.

Chalk it up to 'one for the little guy'!

In the wake of our series of reports on the White House quietly removing embarrassing Audio and Video from their website, it seems the bulk of that material has now been restored online! Thanks, no doubt, to the adverse attention they received via wire reports and Washington Post articles that our reporting was able to spur, the Administration seems to have gone through thousands of web pages and restored the previously available media to them.

I will update the old post when I get to it.
Or not.

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BradF said...

Thanks for the link, Hoot! Though please remember to note that the original removed material -- the link to the "List of Coalition Members" is still gone. So in the middle of a War and a Presidential Election, the site gives no indication as to who our allies are!

Purposely hidden, as documented (and still gone) right here:

Keep up the good work!