Sunday, October 24, 2004

Podcasting: Radio on demand, cousin to VOD

It's coming. Learn about it now so you won't be left out when it gets here.

Since the Net and the Web came along in the early and mid-90s, I've had a growing impatience with waiting around for stuff on the radio I might care about. Another way to look at it: All radio, commercial and noncommercial, including what we call the 'content', was turning into the same kind of stuff-to-endure as the advertising and promotional announcements that paid for it. But now most of my radio listening is to what Adam Curry and others are starting to call podcasts. That last link currently brings up 24 results on Google. A year from now, it will pull up hundreds of thousands, or perhaps even millions.

* * * *
What matters is that all the standards we're working with here are open. They're the new and growing infrastructure for a new class of 'casting. It won't replace old-fashioned broadcasting, just as FM didn't replace AM, and TV didn't replace radio. And it's not narrowcasting, which is conceived as broadcasting for fewer people. It's podcasting. I'll create an acronym for it: Personal Option Digital 'casting. Link

Got that?
Personal Option Digital = PODcasting
Doc Searls just made up the acronym. Adam Curry is a refugee from MTV and Radio, living in Amsterdam. He produces a streaming example of what Doc Searls calls Podcasting. It sounds like a radio variety show. Give it a try. Remember, you read it here first. Now go read about it...

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