Saturday, October 16, 2004

Babalu Blog: Today's Cubanism and Florida electoral politics

Trivia time!
Don't know when I might ever need to know this, but it's worth filing. I found reference to "no hair on her tongue" together with an explanation, on a Cuban-American blog.

Today's Cubanism
Again I have no idea where this particular Cubanism
originated, but it is also very widely used. I also don't really understand the corollation of the metaphor, but, then again, it's a Cubanism, it ain't supposed to make sense.

No tener pelo en la lengua.
Literal translation:
Not having hair on one's tongue.
If someone doesnt have hair on their tongue, it means that they are a person that says it like it is.
Michele, a lo igual que Kelley son dos que no tienen pelo en la lengua. (Michele and Kelley are two that don't have hair on their tongues.) Link
Anyone interested in Cuban-American politics might want to bookmark this site. I have watched from a distance for years as expatriot Cubans in Florida became the tail wagging the dog in presidential politics. Because Florida is such an important state in the electoral college no candidate has ever been willing to risk losing the Cuban vote.

Consequently, any overtures -- social, economic, political, or even diplomatic -- toward Fidel Castro, have been out of the question. The only position that flies in Florida is that Castro is such an evil dictator that somebody should take him out. Kennedy actually tried to do so, and every administration since has fed Cuba with only the longest of long-handled spoons.

This is not to say that Castro is a great guy or that the system in Cuba is anything to brag about, but other Communist dictators and worse have had better diplomatic and economic treatment over the last thirty or forty years. As a result, the Evil Empire imploded, China is opening up, the Balkans have unraveled, and dictatorial demagagues world-wide are now forced to use religious fundamentalism [even in America, come to think of it] rather than [anti-] socialism to garner mass support.

In the meantime, America has in effect preserved and protected its own pet Communist in a little cage ninety miles from Florida, by insuring that none of the forces attacking the rest of world Socialism have been able to get at Cuba. Some keep boa constrictors, some exotic birds, some tarantulas, but the US keeps Cuba. Every four years presidential candidates of all political pursuasions will not risk losing the Cuban votes in Florida, and between elections, whoever is in power keeps those eggs in the basket and is careful that they don't get broken.

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