Saturday, October 02, 2004

A star from Mosul

Our image of Iraq is descriptive of a pit in Hell. This weblog (hosted by blogger, incidentally) stands in sharp contrast to what most Americans think of when Iraq is mentioned.
This picture is posted on a weblog from Mosul by a proud teenager who seems to be completely taken by a new baby in her family. She is posting using the wonderful name "Aunt Najma", although she says elsewhere she is not using her real name because she "doesn't want to be killed."

A star from Mosul: "I was born in Baghdad in 1988, April, 23rd but I'm originally from Mosul. still a student in the magnet-school, dreaming of the university... I started to write a blog to fill my time, and it really worked. I can't find anything else to talk about but praising myself, so I'll stop instead."

Can anyone imagine that this weblog is a piece of propaganda being invented to deceive Americans?

I can't.

When I look at the images found here, reading the words of what seems to be a bright, well-adjusted teen from a solid family, I have to conclude that there are great numbers of people in Iraq that we need to know more about. Somehow there are still people in Iraq successfully shielding their families from the poisonous effects of the war. Lord only knows how, but this little blog is a hopeful sign.

Follow the link to this child's website. Find the photo album and look at what is posted. The "family" pictures are all snapshots of this baby, but the other pictures include a tea service that looks like it is made of gold and crystal. This kid comes from a well-to-do family. And someone has done a good job of parenting so far, it seems to me.

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