Sunday, October 24, 2004

Scrubbing the White House to be even Whiter

Not surprised.
Looks like unofficial official records are being modified. The White House website is like the Nixon or LBJ tapes, except it isn't secret. Oddly, any systematic attempt to mess with content is sure to attract more negative attention than anything being expunged. Why, in the name of good sense, would anybody even start such a thing?
Brad Friedman is on the case. Seems like he may have been one of the original architects of the official site. Wouldn't somebody stop to think that he, or someone, might be watching? That sort of thing is politically risky.

After reviewing scores of pages of White House transcribed Press Conferences by George Bush, it seems that the removal of certain audio and video clips has perhaps been strategically or systematically orchestrated. Here's a few examples of some of the pages that have had their linked Audio and/or Video clips removed, along with some of the notable Bush quotes -- that "notability" is mere conjecture on my part -- from their transcripts that perhaps the White House would prefer not be easily available to folks anymore (NOTE: The Audio and Video links are still on the following pages, but the content for them, when those links are clicked upon, is no longer available.)

March 29, 2001:
"Press Conference by the President" Notable Quotes:"Mis-underestimate" and more.
July 22, 2001:
"Press Conference by President Bush and President Putin"Notable Quotes:"And I assured them that from a fiscal perspective, one, we're going to hold the line on spending.""I said my administration has had a full-scale review of the climate issue; that we're in the process of developing a strategy as quickly as we possibly can and one that we look forward to sharing with our friends and allies. A strategy that begins with the notion that we want to reduce greenhouse gasses in America.""And they're going to find out that when I say we're interested in reducing greenhouse gasses that we mean it."
July 23, 2001:
"Press Conference by President Bush and Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi"Notable Quotes:"it is an issue [stem cell research] that, on the one hand, deals with so much hope, hope that perhaps through research and development we'll be able to save lives. It's also an issue that has got serious moral implications. And our nation must think carefully before we proceed. And, therefore, my process has been, frankly, unusually deliberative for my administration. I'm taking my time."
March 22, 2002:
"Press Conference by President Bush and President Fox"Notable Quotes:"He is a dangerous man who possesses the world's most dangerous weapons.""I hope that, of course, he allows inspectors to go into his country, like he promised he would do. Not for he sake of letting inspectors in, but to showing the world that he has no weapons of mass destruction." Link

It's Sunday night, 8:30. I just tried the White House links from my home page. The first one, featuring the famous "misunderestimated" quote, works perfectly, audio as well as transcript. The others, however, keep holding on "connecting" but don't seem to get through.
Could it be that someone is putting the poop back into the horse? Boy, word travels fast.

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