Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What does it mean? IED

Military Factory - Military Weapons - Improvised Explosive Devices: "Improvised Explosive Devices are 'home-made' devices made to mame, harrass or kill.

They typically are thrown or laid on the sides of roads or on the roads themselves (unseen by a passing vehicle occupant).

Improvised Explosive Devices (or IED's) may be created using various household chemicals or military components in the right combustable combinations. Various packages can also be used to deliver the bomb - from paper bags and steel pipes (pipe bombs) to card board boxes and milk crates. Other packages that have been used include mortar and howitzer shells.

Ingredients as simple as cooking oil have also been known to be used in Improvised Explosive Devices. Improvised Explosive Devices can be set off by a timer, a timed fuse or a cell phone.

Improvised Explosive Devices is commonly used by guerilla forces utilizing offbeat tactics where materials and weapons must be improvised (ala Molotov Cocktails - simple fragmentation bombs made from flamable contents in glass bottles). "

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