Thursday, June 30, 2005

Abu Khaleel signs off

Here is an example of how someone can remain a perfect gentleman while being too pissed off for words.

For several months, I have enjoyed posting on this site. But the time has come to say goodbye. LSF is gearing itself for the coming mid-term elections and has to concentrate on more domestic issues. I have no desire to be in the way.

I would like to thank LSF for generously hosting me. I would like to thank my fellow-posters for their support. And I would like to thank regular readers for putting up with my ravings.

I will still be fighting for my own street on my own blogs.


Only in the comments thread does he reveal a deeper reason for throwing in the towell.

Just a quick ‘Thank You’ note in a hurry…

Although we all have never met outside the cyberspace, I have no idea how anyone of you looks… I feel that, as people – individuals – many of us have ‘connected’ purely through words that reflect our thoughts. I find that quite profound… particularly if we consider further that we are supposed to belong to two warring countries!!!

During a debate on my blog once, a regular commentator stated matter-of-factly that you cannot prove anything on the internet. How wrong he was!

Your kind and sincere words above prove many things! For me at least, they prove that there is a lot of human compassion and decency out there… even in the enemy camp! Thank you for that.

This has been quite an emotional day for me. I didn’t wait up for President Bush’s speech last night (too late Baghdad time) and only read the script this morning… and I have been bubbling with anger since then.

I remember reading one of you a couple of days back saying the he did not post while angry. Well, I too usually try not to do that, but not today. I was so offended by the immorality of his words that did not care much anymore. So, I vented some of my indignation on my blog… I couldn’t do that on this site.

Then there were your messages here and in my email box. Some of them are so emotional and sincere that they stirred up my emotions some more. I am afraid I am still at an elevated level of adrenalin. And I’m not young anymore.

Let us all fight our separate battles independently. If we are on the right track, I am sure that our paths will cross again.

Thank you all again. I have been deeply touched.

My correspondence with this man remains for me among the most satisfying experiences of my blogging to date. I will continue to read his personal blog and recommend the same for anyone who really cares to know some of the deeper consequences of using someone else's territory as a battleground. To fully appreciate the measured restraint of his language quoted above, take a look at last night's response to our president's speech.

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