Thursday, June 16, 2005


This whole business of "being a witness" hardly makes sense to me any more. I want to love people. I want to listen. I want to pay attention to them in meaningful ways. I want my life to be understandable on in Jesus' call to follow him. I want Jesus to be so integral to who I am that whatever I might say about him would be as normal as hearing me talk about baseball or family. I don't have anxieties about converting people. I simply find that the love of Christ, shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit, makes me constantly hopeful- even certain- that I'll continue to be part of the miracle of faith in the lives of people around me.LINK

Some will understand and I might find out. Others will see later, but I might never know. Still others will never get it at all. Michael Spencer has composed an eloquent prayer here. This is the meaning of "walking in faith."

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