Thursday, June 23, 2005

Notes from Down Under

Bitterly funny sketch from Australian blogger Burnt Karma about an imaginative approach to poverty. The original nanny state has all the answers.

[Voice Over...]For too long, poverty has been a constant issue in Australia. Unemployed, teen mothers and pensioners swell the ranks of the underclass every day.

(cliched images of poor people doing poor people things, like sitting around looking hopeless)

That's why the Federal Government's new EAT THE POOR program will solve both poverty and hunger in Australia forever.

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Again, very funny comments...

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While we're at it, Guernica is another Australian blog from the left. That's where I found Burnt Karma (above) . I picked up in a reference in the comments to latte left, which I suppose to be a contemporary variant of limousine liberal.
A fairly short post set off a string of responses in the comments more interesting than the post (which was not too shabby) . The Robert Merkel/Bargholz exchange is priceless, at one point calling for editing on the part of the host.

[Trolls take note how best to present offensive remarks. My blog has a long way to go.]

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Burnt Karma said...

Thanks for the shout out Hoots,
I think the poverty farms is my fave so far. But I have another two weeks to go and my mind can get very unhealthy. :-0