Friday, June 24, 2005

Comment about eminent domain

Liberal Street Fighter: "No longer are we, the people, the citizens, useful to the corporate classes as workers and human elements. Now they have come for our land; just the land, please. They care about nothing else. Our honest labor, the social contract - they do not care about. It is of no use to them. They will propose to pay us a pittance or a portion of what our homes and businesses are worth, just as they did with the Indians; and, maybe some minimum-wage McJobs instead of beads, whiskey and worthless gewgaws--and they'll get away with it, too. (And never mind if anyone's home or business, a particular spot on this earth, has any special meaning to anyone's soul. Everything can be reduced to a financial equation--and must be reduced to whatever is convenient for the most moneyed interests. And will be strictly enforced.) "

Yesterday's Supreme Court decision is no surprise. Libertarian railing notwithstanding, it is a logical continuation of politics trumping principle, a natural law as old as gravity. In the same way that armed conflicts decide who is stronger (not always who is right), "politics" is the word we use when the language of morality leads us into uncomfortable territory. That is why Karl von Clausewitz famously said that "war is merely the continuation of policy by other means." A similar mindset excuses preemptive war that continues long after the first "objective" has been met and replaced by a second, which was accomplished and replaced by a third, which was accomplished and replaced by yet another, &c, &c. It may be irrational, but there is no disconnect.

We the people are making manifest our collective will. I'm proud to be an American, aren't you?

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