Monday, April 03, 2006

"If these were northern Europeans pouring across the border, nobody would care."

Chris Matthews is speaking...

"If these were northern Europeans pouring across the border, nobody would care."

It's at the end of a Crosstalk encounter with Amy Goodmand and Hugh Hewett as guests. There was the usual jabbering back and forth, split screens and all that jazz, but in the main none of the three could agree with either of the other two. See the MSNBC clip at Media Matters.

H/T Latino Pundit

Latino Pundit also has a string of one-liners about immigration illustrating how prickley people are getting...

"My fear is that if we continue down this path that the Senate has established, that we will have created the biggest magnet ever...It would be like a dinner bell, 'Come one, come all." - Representative Bob Beauprez

"Are we going to continue our rich tradition of hundreds of years of welcoming new blood and new vitality to our nation?...Or are we going to adopt a protectionist, isolationist attitude and policies that are in betrayal of the very fundamentals of this great nation of ours, a beacon of hope and liberty and freedom throughout the world?" - McCain

"If they want to become a citizen, they can get in line, but not the head of the line." - Bush

"Let the prisoners pick the fruits...We can do it without bringing in millions of foreigners." - Representative Dana Rohrabacher

"Push is coming to shove..." - Tom Tancredo

"To stand here today and guess at what it might look like and how we might deal with an issue is a lot of speculation that we don't need to engage in..." - Representative John A. Boehner

"There is an effort far and wide to try to degrade the committee bill by the smear of amnesty...And it simply is not amnesty...This word 'amnesty' is a code word (read: frame - LP)." - Sen. Arlen Specter

"We feel the debate is taking a very positive turn," -Cecilia Munoz, National Council of La Raza.

"Anybody that votes for an amnesty bill deserves to be branded with a scarlet letter, 'A' for amnesty, and they need to pay for it at the ballot box in November."- Rep. Steve King

"We need tough and smart enforcement at the border and throughout the country. We need realistic immigration laws that bring immigrants out of the shadows, paying taxes, learning English and contributing to our communities." - Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid

"If you are here illegally and want to fly the Mexican flag, go to Mexico," - Virgil H. Goode Jr.

"We are a nation of immigrants" and "Bring people out of the shadows." - Unknown (counter frames - LP)

"It is not amnesty because the undocumented aliens will have to pay a fine,...They will have to pay back taxes. They will undergo a thorough background investigation. They will have to learn English. They will have to work for six years. And they will have to earn the status of staying in the country and the status of moving toward citizenship." - Sen.Arlen Specter

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Lonewacko said...

I'm not so sure about the title of this post.

If most illegal aliens were Northern European, wouldn't advocacy organizations care? For instance, some foundation might help start a "National Council of The Race" or something.

Some might even talk about how Vikings landed here before there was a United States, and therefore this country belongs to the Vikings. "Vikland" or something.

Illegal aliens could march through our streets waving the Norwegian flag and shouting "longe liffe de rasse!" or whatever it is.

Plus, politicians of the same ethnicity or race as those illegal aliens could constantly support them, going so far as taking trips to Northern Europe and, for instance, declaring their cities sanctuaries for those of their race.

Of course, that couldn't happen because all that would be just as racist as the current situation.