Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Iran's military capability.........NOT!

Sabre-rattling out of Iran is making our own warriors tremble with anticipation.

Cernig says, "It's a hoax, folks."

I'm no expert on such things, so all I have to go on is past history. We know, for example, that Iraq's military capabilities were a lot less impressive than Saddam had bragged about. Scud missles were primitive, but they had the advantage of portability. Kind of a modern trebuchet. We know EID's are deadly, but here again, primitive. Likewise suicide bombers. I recall seeing long lines of unarmed former Iraqi troops walking...WALKING, for goodness sakes, back home. As far as the eye could see. Unarmed, smiling and going home. Not fighting. Walking.

Wasn't it in Iran that we saw those curious pictures of nun-like women in black garb rapelling down a building? Toting guns? Women in ankle-length black garb, already! Now we see pictures of odd-looking planes and torpedoes.

I dunno, folks. Something tells me Cernig is right. Again.
Drill into the links, read and decide for yourself.

But it really makes no difference what you and I think. It looks like a confrontation is in the works. Apparently they want it. Our guys want it, too. I learned in the Army that the urge to make war is as natural for some people as taking a leak or clearing your throat. Seems like it's gonna happen again.

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