Thursday, April 27, 2006

Rather could be a great blogger--Dave Winer

Dave Winer blogs about his interview with Dan Rather. Very interesting reading. Not what you might expect. I sense that Dan Rather has no more resentment about what happened to him than a wild animal handler might have toward an animal in the aftermath of being mauled by a bear or tiger. Short, readable post. Take a look.

I think Rather could be a great blogger. He’s a thoughtful, considerate person, who thinks about stuff. He has strong opinions about what should be covered by the news, about the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy, and he certainly has experienced the power of blogging personally, and has now had time to reflect. These are qualities of the blogosphere, although the louder and more sensational voices of course tend to be heard more by the MSM than the thoughtful ones. I don’t doubt that Rather would be listened to.

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