Saturday, April 22, 2006

Two Chinese Boys -- Reprise

Just keeping up, you see.
I heard that the You Tube site has expoloded in popularity since it began just a few months ago, so I just went to check it out. Sure enough, I found there a bunch of videos, including a few that I have linked along the way. There was a Ninja clip of an athletic guy in a sequence of impressive stunts in various venues, but nothing as impressive as the Russian video I found about Christmastime (which I was able to find).

Scanning the thumbnails I noticed this video of the Two Chinese Boys and remembered their first video which I linked last year. That link has gone now, but there seem to have been four or five sequels. This one runs seven and a half minutes and is a mish-mash of two or three themes. The enigmatic third figure in the background participates in this one. A search feature at You Tube will locate the others, and anything else you know the name for. I noticed the Christmas lights video was in the inventory.

I am struck by the simplicity and innocence of this entertainment. And the international popularity. Amazing.
And fun, too, if you let yourself enjoy it.

When television producers get the nerve to stream on the internet, they had better get their act together first. I don't see why anyone will put up with commercial messages and dumbed-down content when all they have to do is click the browser and find something else to catch their attention.

Check out this ukulele player.

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