Tuesday, March 08, 2005

3quarksdaily: 1000 Quality Posts in 7 months

One of my favorite sites just hit its 1000th post.
3Quarks Daily is a fountain of quality links from and for the polymath. How does one cope with an information explosion? Obviously no one can read everything, so we have to rely on filters and other selective sources that will mine the ore to yield the mineral we're seeking.

We started this blog because we felt that while there are great sites which cover particular areas, like literature, or science, no one does it all. And so we decided we would start a blog where we post everything we could find in whatever field, as long as it was intellectually serious, stimulating, and well-written. We have attempted to do this. We have also tried to keep our design as simple as possible, with a single column of posts and nothing else. We have no advertising or other distractions, and each of the editors volunteers his or her time and effort.

We realize that you may not find everything that we post on a given day interesting, but we hope that if you come everyday and skim the titles of the posts, you will find at least one or two things that you end up reading in full. We keep the number of daily posts between five and ten most of the time.

Before I started blogging, my home page was Arts and Letters Daily, another filter that offers up a daily spread of eclectic links. Blogging seems to have cut back on my recreational reading and forced me to be more pro-active reading and studying the world around me, so I don't refer to Arts and Letters Daily as I once did. I think that as I age I may rely more on a handful of places to feed me (as opposed to plunging about, looking for nuggets on my own). I can see that 3Quarks and A.L.Daily will definitely be on my short list.

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