Friday, March 18, 2005

Capital Punishment is sub-Christian

Yesterday's post is important enough that I have decided to let it float for a day or two. Blog posts are like fresh-picked flowers; they bloom for a few days, then wither and die. This one I want to keep alive as long as possible.
The Volokh post got a blizzard of response. He really hit a nerve.
I don't understand the difference between "trackbacks" and "possibly more trackbacks" but it doesn't matter. This morning there are about forty "trackbacks" and an endless number of "possibles." My post from yesterday is about number fifty in the second category, so it is virtually certain to be lost in the din. Whatever the methodology, the bigger the ruckus, the less likely anybody's point will be read and understood.
The cocooning phenomenon sets in when there are a host of opinions in a discussion, too many to be read and digested. All one does is comb through, looking to reinforce already-held ideas, rather than seeking new understandings.

If you are a new reader, welcome.
I try to post once or twice a day, but in this instance I have decided to pause briefly to let yesterday's post have more exposure.
Thank you for reading.

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