Monday, March 28, 2005

Sr. Peter Claver (1899-2004)

Sr. Peter Claver Fahy, the nun credited with giving Dorothy Day the first donation for The Catholic Worker, died Dec. 3 in Philadelphia. She was 105....Until her retirement in 1979, she lived in slum-blighted urban areas and poor rural districts from Brooklyn, N.Y., to Mississippi, working mainly with poor African-Americans and Native Americans....In her writings, Day recorded quite a few visits she made to Sr. Peter Claver’s ministries....In the 1970s, Sr. Peter Claver founded two shelters for battered women, one in her hometown, which she continued to support until her death. She retired to Philadelphia in 1979 but continued to work in homeless shelters, prisons and afterschool tutoring programs for children.


A couple of Easy Essays by Peter Maurin (1877-1949)

Politics Is Politics

1. A politician is an artist in the art of following the wind
of public opinion.

2. He who follows the wind of public opinion does not
follow his own judgement.

3. And he who does not follow his own judgement
cannot lead people
out of the beaten path.

4. He is like the tail of a dog that tries to lead the head.

5. When people stand behind their president and their president stands behind them they and their president go around in a circle getting nowhere.

Church And State

1. Modern Society believes in the separation of Church and State.

2. But the Jews did not believe in it.

3. The Greeks did not believe in it.

4. The Romans did not believe in it.

5. The Mediaevals did not believe in it.

6. The Puritians did not believe in it.

7. Modern society has separated Church and State but it did not separate the State from business.

8. The State is no longer a Church's State.

9. The State is now a Business Men's State.

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