Monday, December 19, 2005

Christian Symposium on Torture

Evangelical Outpost links to essays by leading figures discussing torture. It seems that Krauthammer's ticking bomb scenario (vith variants) was all the wedge Satan needed to set off yet another division among Christians.
Lots of reading for anyone with the time.

The “truth” about torture is an issue being widely addressed throughout the country, yet the Christian intellectual community has been relatively silent on this important issue. In order to help inform the Church and the wider culture on this issue and to help provide clarification on the principles involved in judging this practice, Justin
and I are hosting an online symposium in which we asked several leading Christian ethicists and opinion journalists to respond to Dr. Krauthammer’s article. Although not everyone we invited was able to contribute, we are fortunate to have received responses from Albert Mohler, Richard John Neuhaus, Darrell Cole, John Jefferson Davis, Daniel Heimbach, Mark Liderbach, and Robert Vischer.

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