Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dr. Bob's faith

Dr. Bob's Christian response to a skeptic (I'm being polite here) is a study in charity.

Reader advisory: If you aim to follow this post you will have to do a lot of reading. If you read last month's link to Dr. Bob's blog you will be ahead, but a rather long comment thread was generated by that post, including a nay-sayer whose evangelical need to challenge the faith of others prompts what I can only describe as a model of Christian charity to a pagan.

Change directions.
(Or as they say in programming: CD/: )
Dr. Bob is also an incredible cook. I have cooked enough turkeys and studied enough chemistry of cooking to know that if you follow his advice about cooking a turkey next year, you will serve up a meal that will be remembered for years to come. Complete with step-by-step pictures.
I love his comments.
***I have a preference for fresh-killed turkeys over frozen–their water and fat content is lower (avoid pre-basted turkeys at all costs: the all-too-common Butterball is an abomination, if you must know, literally dripping with hydrogenated vegetable oil, the worst kind of fat).
***The gas-or-electric dispute approaches a religious war in some circles; electric is easier to regulate temperature-wise in my mind–and besides, that’s what I have. Oh, and no foil tents–tin foil is ideal for conspiratorial hats and the like, but terrible for roasting, stewing the meat instead of roasting it.
***...and yes–your eyes aren’t lying–apple slices. I use a crisp, moderately sweet apple (Fujis here in the Northwest). During roasting, the apples disintegrate, adding both sugars for caramelization and lots of liquid for the gravy stock.
***...and place lots of butter and a hefty sprinkling of pepper and tarragon. (If you’re on a low-fat diet, this is not the meal for you; for the rest of us, that’s why God created Lipitor).
Yep, this is my kind of doctor.

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