Friday, February 16, 2007

Anglican Communion Annual meeting

Most of us who have watched the painful divisions of the Episcopal Church in America for the last several years have no expectation that yet another meeting will yield any surprises. As the years tick by the divisions seem to get deeper and more clearly defined. There's no conflict like a Christian conflict. When righteous indignation runs amok even the most calming voice cannot lay oil on the water without creating more turbulence. Leave it to the Catholics to put together a more or less objective description of what's going on. First Things has the story.

No fewer than thirty-seven Anglican archbishops have assembled at a hotel in Dar-es-Salaam, charged with the task of deciding what to do about the communion’s recalcitrant American branch, otherwise known as the Episcopal Church. Archbishop Williams’ biggest problem is that not all the archbishops are on speaking terms with one another. “I fear the situation slipping out of my control,” he went on to tell the BBC. Indeed, it may already have done so.

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