Thursday, February 08, 2007

William M. Arkin on "Supporting the Troops"

Over at Early Warning, William Arkin has generated incredible traffic to his site--over 1500 comments on one post--over his recent posts on the Iraq war. Arkin took on a very central issue in our debate over the war, and in doing so, exposed the continued difficulty we as a nation have in developing a language to debate the war.

Thus begins a very good summary post at Duck of Minerva by Peter Howard .
With the precision of a surgeon disecting a cancerous mass he cuts through a pile of rubbish to explain in a few paragraphs how the rhetorical equivalent of a lynch mob behaves.

I haven't the time, interest or patience to plow through it all, but I'm blogging it here for the reader who wants to keep in touch.

"...continued difficulty" is the understatement of the week.

This is the political equivalent of American Idol.
Or The Jerry Springer Show.

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