Monday, February 12, 2007

Trivia for my regular readers

Greetings, friends,

My best guess is that about fifteen or twenty people read my blog with any regularity. That is giving myself a generous number based on the number of "unknowns" among the Sitemeter referrals. Most people have more email addresses on their morning "forward" group. (I am on a few, so I receive a lot more email content than I ever post. Occasionally I get something via email that I blog, but most of the time I figure it is like jokes, photo shop cuties, snide political comments and the like...most everybody will hear them sooner or later so I don't need to pass them on.)

This is the fun part of blogging. Despite my low readership, this blog is now getting upwards of three or four hundred hits a day thanks to a single post that I put up in December. Of that number seventy-five to eighty percent are going to that single post. Last year I experienced the same increase as April 10 approached because I had done a bit of reading a couple of weeks before and put together a couple of posts leading up to the event that made the news that day. I knew as the day approached that it would be old news for me and those who had searched Google for "Day of Action" ahead of time. But for a lot of folks the events of April 10 came as a surprise.

I conclude that Barack Obama is getting a lot of curious attention. No way to know what that might mean, but I thought you might be interested. For the moment my little post is coming up toward the top of Web searches for "Obama" with the word "religion." Take out the word religion and the post sinks. Blog searches don't have the same results, just Web searches.


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