Friday, February 16, 2007

Peter aka geriatric 1927 -- BBC Interview tonight

BBC television will broadcast tonight a program including an interview with YouTube's Grandpa, Peter, whose series of videos is becoming a social treasure of our time. In this twelve minute clip he begins by talking about what it's like to approach the age of eighty, then turns his remarks to what it's like to be the icon that he has become. Those of us who have been following his series know how much he loves jazz and blues music, and it delights me that he ends this video with a song by Nina Simone.

This is not everyone's cup of tea, but if your life has a few minutes to spare this is a dose of pure fun.

"I have made friends within the BBC. I think they may have, uh...may have, uh, persuaded me because they came to interview me not before they came to film me and the producer brought a most beautiful girl who...I don't know what her purpose was...she didn't really say anything but she sat on the sofa and I feel sure, looking back, that it was part of their ploy.

"Anyway, it did work."
Here is the link to the BBC clip and report.

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