Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine Day

I found this at Mideast Youth. Despite all the rhetoric and sabre-rattling making the news, I remain optimistic that in the long run there is a bright future. If the so-called leaders of the world can refrain from waging war and polarizing their respective constituencies long enough, the next generation has what it takes to lead the way to a better world. This group of young people illustrates that fact wonderfully well.

Mideast Youth is a network dedicated to eliminate extremist ideologies and ignorance from the Middle East.

Arabs, Iranians, Kurds, and Israelis post side-by-side to prove the fact that moderation, interfaith understanding, and sanity does exist in the region.

The blog on Mideast Youth is shared by people from completely different countries and backgrounds, therefore not all of us hold the same opinions regarding certain issues, most of which are sensitive, such as the status of women in Islam, modern Zionism or whether the current war in Iraq is justified or not. However, we debate these serious matters while maintaining respect for each other at all times, despite our radical differences.

While we debate controversial issues, we keep in mind that Mideast Youth is an “online cyber democracy.” We keep in mind that tolerance and mutual respect should always exist amongst us no matter how much our opinions differ. Last but most certainly not least, we do our best to practice what we preach.

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