Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fayrouz is throwing in the towel

I will have to adjust my little blogroll. Fayrouz is changing direction in her life and doesn't expect to be blogging as much. Best to you, Fayrouz.

She leaves on an unhappy note. Her expectations for Iraq seem to have been dashed. And her link to Kurdo does not make for a happy read.

Her post deserves to be read carefully and thoughtfully. The comments thread is a revealing litany.

The link to Kurdo is revealing as well.

People are now working for "democracy" for Kurdistan. Well, you might have heard from media reports that Kurdistan is already democratic. Rubbish !!!. Corruption and unequality and not respecting laws by the two major Kurdish ruling parties have angered a lot of people. For example, in the last 2 months there have been several bloody and peaceful protests against the ruling Kurdish parties over the gas, electricity, and other might have heard that Kurdistan had the highest turnout and people ran to the polling stations to vote. Again Rubbish !!...if you do anything against the Kurdish ruling parties, you will be accused of being a terrorist....we have supported these two parties with our souls...Why now they are not building a democratic , equal, transparent, free system in which all of us could be treated equally ?

Together, these two links make a sad commentary.

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