Monday, November 07, 2005

Jim Gilbert meets George Sada

Blog buddy and "Christian globe-warrior" Jim Gilbert had the honor of meeting George Sada, defense minister and spokesperson for the Iraqi interim government. He tells about it in this latest post.

He can't tell about anything juicy, but I'm impressed all the same. Impressed because Jim came to meet him, and impressed because the man is Christian and Kurdish, served directly under Saddam, and is now rubbing shoulders with US movers and shakers.

Good story here:

One Baghdad taxi driver told him a harrowing tale not too long ago.

A passenger got into his cab and asked him to take him around the city. "To what destination?" the driver asked. "It doesn't matter. Just drive," came the reply. And so they drove, all over Baghdad, for three hours, before the passenger finally asked to pay and disembark. "It's too bad," he said to the still-puzzled driver. "Tonight we could have dined with Mohammed."

The driver was baffled. What did he mean about having supper with the Prophet? "We could have dined with Mohammed," the man repeated, and opening his coat, revealed a chest and waist laden with explosives. He had been looking for targets all evening, and had he found one, he would simply have detonated himself, the cab, and his driver, in order to enter Paradise. Sada repeated the driver's stuttered response: "Oh, no thank you. I don't want to eat with the Prophet tonight. I just want to have supper with my wife." And with that the forlorn jihadist paid his bill and exited the taxi.

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Abu Khaleel said...

Dear Hoots,

The story in this post reminded me of another one I heard more than a year ago from the very person taking part in the conversation.

This man asked one of “those people” a question regarding a hypothetical situation where an American soldier was surrounded with 5 small children; would he shoot him?

The response came without much hesitation: “Of course. The children, being innocent, would go to heaven… and the American soldier to hell!”.