Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Looking at Pajamas Media

Jeff Jarvis looks at Pajamas Media after getting an invite to a gala in Noo Yawk. The name derives from a snide reference to bloggers as a bunch of people in pajamas pretending to be important, or something. Like so many trivial remarks the term got traction from an Instalanch or two and a movement was underway in blogdom.

Pajamas, as I understand it, wanted to be an ad network. I don’t see huge advertiser demand for a bunch of mostly conservative political bloggers. At one time, they wanted to be some sort of syndicate but I said nobody would buy content. It seems they now want to be some sort of blog central thing — antimatter to the Huffingtonpost’s matter, I suppose — but the difference is that most of her people don’t blog while most of these people already do blog so I don’t know why I need to see a collection of them. And they keep saying they’re going to change their name but they have their gala introduction still using the silly name they have.

Interesting take. Pajamas counterbancing Huffington. Seems right to me.

I tried to find a Wikipedia entry for "Pajamas Media" and the hook came up clean. No bite. I wonder if that nobody has taken the time to do an entry. Heck, Widipedia has a Katrina entry before the storm was finished!

This snip from Wired News mentioned Ann Althouse's lack of enthusiasm. Also broached the subject of (Hello!) political leaning....leaning. Love that word.
Got a denial from founder Roger Simon.

Pejman is on board (or was in May) and I like his take on stuff.

It's about money, really. Advertising revenue is the lifeblood of the marketplace. I wondered how long the internets could continue handing out free samples (like this blog).
Sooner or later something has to give. I mean take.

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