Monday, February 27, 2006

Bruderhof -- another impression

It saddens me to post this link because it illustrates that even among the most committed followers of Christianity there are feet of clay. Mike LeBlanc's blog is the shortest I have found over two years old. The entire content fits to a single scroll-page. He is apparently a former member of the Bruderhof community who has been shunned (that is the term I have heard used regarding those who leave Amish communities) by his former friends, family and fellow-believers. His experience has left him with deep sadness and misgivings.

After a long hiatus I have decided to continue this blog. It's direction has changed, as over the last several years my hopes and expectations have been adjusted. If one starts with premise that the Bruderhof is not a Christian organization, but may have Christians in it, then one may approach the truth. My hope for the Bruderhof is that each member has a personal relationship with God. My expectation is that the Bruderhof structure will continue to use cult mind control to remove all appropriate boundaries, simply for either power or greed.

One current bit of news is that my mother passed on January 1oth. We received the news by letter seven days later. What is curious is that my brother Mark felt the need to lie, saying that she had passed suddenly. The photos below make it clear that she did not.
While we knew it would be unlikely that we would be able to attend the funeral, it would certainly be my hope that the Bruderhof would tell family members in a timely fashion.

To add insult to injury we found out the my brother Phil (and spouse) and brother Reve (and spouse) had been notified. Brother Reve, spouse and Phil's spouse all attended the funeral. Phil was in the UK, and attended part of the service via video conference.

Phil didn't let the rest of the family outside (the Bruderhof) know about Mom's passing. Brother Mark, rather than call, decided to send letters. My only conclusion in this most unloving, uncaring act, is that it as done for spite. Any claims the Bruderhof makes relative to Christianity are shattered by events like these. Sadly, we know this event is not unique. We see it repeated time and again at the passing of loved ones in the Bruderhof.
The Bruderhof's practice of withholding information about dying relative I found abhorrent, unChristian and just plain wrong. I hope to meet Mom someday and enfold her in my arms and make of for all those lost years caused by the Bruderhof system.

Pictures and a few more comments at the link.
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