Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dennis the Peasant hits the big time!

Congrats are in order!
I just love this:

Now that I've been paid to express an opinion on the internet, I must be a pundit. A pundit just like Michelle Malkin and Glenn Greenwald...

And that's good. Because, in truth, it's a relief to know that I can stop doing research and fact finding and analysis and just start running my mouth. All that reading about port operations and port security and the U.A.E. was getting to be a bitch.

Seems like he saw through the port-security non-issue like a lot of other people. And said so. And somebody noticed.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, but I do think there is a lot to managing the political will that never gets mentioned. I have said all along not to misunderestimate this president. The Miers nomination may have looked like a punt, but they made some pretty good lemonade out of that lemon, didn't they? It's happened a lot to George Bush. A new Chief Justice and another Associate Justice is not small potatoes.

(This most recent Rumsfeld briefing note indicates to me that a military plan was underway before 911 and that event furnished just the bloody shirt that was needed to move ahead.)

The Dubai doodoo is playing out quite well by way of discrediting those members of Congress who did not get -- what's that they call it?...briefing? -- so they wouldn't look so bad so quick.
So they try to take the boss to task for not doing a better job keeping them in the loop. More briefing needed, don't you know.

I wasn't briefed and I could see through it.
Jimmy Carter wasn't briefed and he could see through it!

For crying out loud, am I the only somebody that can see when a bunch of political opponents have been set up?

I'm getting tired.
When arguments move from substance to form they are on the way to being lost. Combing through all this I keep looking for some indication that there is a substantive threat to security. All I can find is complaining about people not following protocol.

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