Sunday, February 19, 2006

Port Security

CNN's lead story this evening had to do with what was misleadingly referred to as "Arab-controled" port security. Boy, what a photo-op. Pols from both parties are competing to have their muggs on the evening news as they pontificate about terrorism, security and such. Statue of Liberty in the background, already. Gimme a break.

No reader of this blog will accuse me of being pro-administration, but in this case the boss is probably right. I have been reading another blog that has earned more credibility in my eyes than, in this case, the U.S. Congress. (That's not too hard, come to think of it considering some of the duplicitous moves to their credit.) Aqoul is a group blog made up of some very savy people who apparently pay the rent by dealing with businesses in North Africa and the Middle East. To each his own. I love the fine print posted here...

Finally: none of the comrade authors here at 'Aqoul have any direct interest in DPW, nor are any of the comrade authors agents of or associated with DPW or P&O. The present author, "The Lounsbury" is in fact a businessman involved in MENA region affaires, but does not work in the transport sector and has never been directly involved with DPW or any of its affiliates. The sole interest of 'Aqoul's comrade authors is in free markets, liberal economics, and fighting the gross ignorance that characterises so much Western commentary about the MENA region (and to an extent, vice versa).
Please take a moment to read what The Lounsbury says about the newsbite du jour. Take a look at a few sober realities as ticked off by someone who seems to know...

***The transaction is private, P&O is being bought out as a private entity.
***DPW is a corporation, not a government agency.
***The US ports “coming under control” of DPW with the P&O acquisition are private assets (management leases of port assets with local authorities).
***The control of security will remain with US Gov authorities and Port staffing will be American (obviously).
***DPW / P&O is not the sole owner of the all ports in question. NY/NJ is only 50 percent owned in a joint-venture with P. Møller-Mærsk (formerly Royal P&O Nedlloyd, branded as Mærsk ) on a 30-year lease with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to operate the 180-acre container terminal in Port Newark, New Jersey; Miama is a joint-venture as well.
***Despite much loose guilt by association talk, no UAE or Dubai governmental involvement has ever been shown with respect al-Qaeda/anti-Western activities.

The comments are an interesting thread as well. There's more, but that's enough to make me want to change the channel and look for some real news. Maybe like who's gonna be the next American Idol or something important.

For sheer entertainment, tune in to this other post on the same topic and follow the comments thread.

The opening scene is a visit to chez Pamela Leavey. A sweet, high-minded neolib keeping an eye on the neocons is certain that where there is bipartisan smoke there must be a fire. Little did she suspect a nest of folks whose day jobs are at or near the scene of the fire don't have the same take on the matter as anyone here in North America, Left or Right.

Despite a couple of (failed) efforts at civility the whole thread fades to a mud-wrestling scene. Better than WWF...or American Idol,


Anonymous said...

1. Wow, are you Anne Coulter fan?
2. Do you deny the Holocaust?
3. How about the Apollo Lunar missions?
4. Are you a subscriber to revisionist history like “The boss”?

"The boss is probably right"? Wake up!!!
Hannibal ad portas and, some things must fall within the purview of imminent domain. If for no other reason, due to the fact that our system of government as you might recall (by the people for the people, with a bicameral legislature, popularly elected officials with term limits and three formal and one informal branch has inherent disadvantages that monarchies, oligarchies, technocracies and dictatorships don't). So American control, either corporate or government and preferably both, is critical to the safety of persons, goods and services utilizing are national SPODs, APODs, SPOEs and APOEs (sea and air ports of debarkation and embarkation)
My advise to you is between episodes of American Idol go back to church and see your shaman, request a safety and security dance because with your limited knowledge of the facts that is best you and the “the boss” can probably do.

Hoots said...

My, what a wonderfully incoherent piece of prose! Small wonder the writer remains anonymous.
I must admit, though, that he speaks for a number of people who NEED somebody on that wall.

Anonymous said...

Curious, are you saying you do not need somebody on that wall? Or the wall doesn't even exist? I am not giving my identity for the King may be watching and is certainly listening and you sound like a servant of the crown (or at least a wanna be). Maybe you should move to Dubai and see how you are treated. Then reassess your confidence and trust in the emirate or even a business that originates there. Also, don’t go as a suave purveyor of diatribe and representative of the 4th estate go as a regular dude

Hoots said...

Thanks for visiting again. An unexpected surprise, I admit, because your opening comment was so conclusively offensive and insulting. Please excuse my retort in kind; it's really not my nature.

Of course there is a wall. Of course we need the wall. And of course we need the Col. Jesseps of the world. I didn't pull a stint in Uncle Sugar's Army for nothing.

My view of the current flap over port security derives from a lifetime of observing too many politicians with one finger in the wind and another where the sun never shines. Call me a remnant of the loyal opposition that remains both loyal and opposed no matter which party is in power.

Your opening Hannibal ad portas reminded me of a poem I came across before the last presidential election. There is an oblique but not unrelated theme in it relating to this most recent outcry about security.

I just came across a good comment at a Dennis the Peasant post. It strikes me as more even-toned than most I have seen. What he says makes a lot of sense to me. Take a look and decide for yourself if that writer (whoever he is) and I are being obdurately dumb or simply dull in our reasoning.