Monday, February 13, 2006

Dr. Leon Hadar -- today's best read

I'm a proud member of the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy and a contributing editor to The American Conservative and would be delighted to see the neoconservative ideologues out of business, the Bush Administration adopting a more realistic foreign policy and the Republican party conducting a serious debate on foreign policy. But I don't think that any of these things are happening in Washington these days. In fact, I don't see any serious challenge to the Bush Administration's policies in the Middle East and elsewhere among leading Democrats. I think that the drive towards a U.S. hegemonic position in the Middle East will continue for quite a while. It will ensure a continuing occpuation with Iraq and lead to more tensions with Iran while at the same time the drive towards U.S. dominance will conflict with the neoconservative global democratic agenda.
Far be it from me to second-guess anybody of this man's stature.
Learn something today.
Go read.

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