Monday, February 20, 2006

"Who do you call to protect you from the New Iraq’s security forces?"

Riverbend's post from January 11 is a dramatic read. Somehow I missed it at the time, but I came across it just now.
I really don't know what to say about it, but it is certainly not a piece of fiction. This is a terrifying glimpse into what life has become for a lot of people in Iraq.

I listened for Ammoo S., hoping to hear him outside but I could only distinguish the harsh voices of the troops. The minutes we sat in the living room seemed to last forever. I didn’t know where to look exactly. My eyes kept wandering to the man with the weapon and yet I knew staring at him wasn’t a good idea. I stared down at a newspaper at my feet and tried to read the upside-down headlines. I glanced at J. again- her heart was beating so hard, the small silver pendant that my mother had given her just that day was throbbing on her chest in time to her heartbeat.

Suddenly, someone called out something from outside and it was over. They began rushing to leave the house, almost as fast as they’d invaded it. Doors slamming, lights dimming. We were left in the dark once more, not daring to move from the sofa we were sitting on, listening as the men disappeared, leaving only a couple to stand at our gate.

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