Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why now?

Abu Graib redux.
Some here.
More here.

These photographs are two years old. Why are they only now getting this much internet play?
How does old news get to be new?
Just asking.

My internet skills are dull compared with most, but I can't find any links to this "story" outside the US. Considering how rapidly information is spread on the web and how foreign devils seem always on the alert for anything to stain the image of the Great Satan, I find it odd that with the exception of the Sydney Morning Herald, there seem to be only US links so far. Americans are not the only readers of that paper.

Or are they? I dunno.

This remark about torture from a comment to another post with a more global view, is worth quoting. of the dangers of explicitly allowing physical interrogation techniques of nearly any sort, as Doug Cassell pointed out in the referenced debate (and he's a guy who [PDF link] knows a thing or two about torture and the military), is that interrogators rarely have the discipline to stop even when the rules specifically tell them to. And this is even more true when the rules are unclear and/or contradictory, let alone when they are just plain wrong.
(And yes, I do believe sometimes people should not do things because they are simply wrong, even if the immediate utility of being a moral human being isn't apparent.)

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