Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Iraq's Yezidi

Later: Man, what a pisser!
I was so pleased with this link when I left for work this morning I couldn't stand it. I thought about it two or three times today.
Tonight I come back to take another look and the damn thing is GONE, replaced by some watered down pap with no pictures.
From what I can gather from the comments thread, Totten was forced by Newsweek to remove his great stuff, probably so they can sell it. What a disappointment.

It makes me think next time I see something I want I should just grab it and post it, THEN add the link.

Sorry, reader. This post isn't what it was meant to be.
But go ahead and look at the Michael Yon and Abu Khaleel links to learn about the Yezidi.

[Friday morning: The post is back at the main page. But I can't get the permalink to work. It must be a bitch to travel, write, take pictures and mainain a good attitude, while having a tug-of-war with some small-minded, short-sighted, breathtakingly obtuse editorial functionary who can't see past his or her nose. Let's hope things get cleaned up now.]

[Friday nite: Looks like things are ack to normal...Maybe an outcry from the blogworld got through.]


Michael Totten's post today is a don't miss.
He tells of a visit to the Yezidi people, an ancient religious group living among the Kurds.

Last June Michael Yon wrote of these people.
My internet friend Abu Khaleel also mentioned them a year ago.

When this awful war is past I can imagine a vigorous tourist industry for Iraq. But it seems so far away. The contrast between the civility of these accounts and the madness of war is surreal.

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