Friday, February 24, 2006

Storycorps--today's best seven minutes

I'm blogging from work. Dial-up, not DSL, and the link works okay.
Audio only, no pictures.

This is a love story. Chick flick by audio. Kleenex stuff.
Okay, then....don't miss it.

Call me a sentimental old sap.

Update: A Sad Note
Danny Perasa passed away Friday, Feb. 24 at 2:30 p.m. ET.
Perasa, who had been fighting pancreatic cancer, died in his sleep.

Storycorps is coming to Atlanta March 2-26.


Hoots said...

It wasn't just me. It's only been a few hours and take a look at this.

Hoots said...

I had to capture some of the link...afraid the content would change later...

Driving through my tears 1 hour ago by alrescate Every Friday 'Morning Edition' has a segment from StoryCorps. This morning they checked in with Danny and Annie Perasa. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to drive in morning traffic with tears running down your face? ...
Siren's Songs -

I cried this morning when I listened to this. It is one of ...1 hour ago by 'stina It is one of millions of StoryCorps stories. StoryCorps is an oral history project dedicated to collecting the stories of every day average Americans. They set up
a sound booth in Grand Central Station, and people can go in and ... 'stina is a shiny special one -

My BC must be running out because I've been gettin...1 hour ago by seal Case in point, this morning's NPR StoryCorps Project. They replayed a clip from a story from a Brooklyn couple, Danny and Annie. They told the story of their
first date and how he proposed right then and there. ...
seal daze -

An authentic love story2 hours ago by Jezebel But I had to sit in my car in the parking lot at work and pull myself together after hearing this StoryCorps piece on NPR this morning. Follow the "listen now"
link. Have tissues handy.
Jezebel's Journal -