Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CRAYON -- a new way to do marketing...

Okay, then. I'm on the bandwagon. Thanks to blogsnow I just heard about crayon. I'm not clear yet exactly how it will work, but it is a hybrid creation involving both Second Life and the real world. Anything I say about Second Life will only reveal my complete ignorance, but in the last several weeks I have come across at least half a dozen unrelated references to this cyber-phenomenon. A growing number of people live, move and have their being on line via avatars who (which?) become extensions of their persona.

I just clicked on the Second Life link and found an interesting bit of stats. Take a look at this...

Second Life Time: 3:58 AM
Total Residents: 1,110,224
Logged In Last 60 Days: 459,062
Online Now: 6,137
US$ Spent Last 24 Hrs: 604,529
Where I am blogging it is about seven in the morning, but in Second Life it is four in the morning. There are over six thousand people logged on and over half a million dollars has exchanged hands in the last twenty-four hours.

That ain't chicken feed.

The new company is called crayon and will be fully open for business this coming Thursday October 26 when we launch from Crayonville Island, our headquarters in Second Life that’s been under construction during the past few months.

So the first thing to tell you is that crayon is a both a real and a virtual company.

We’re real, in the sense that all of us involved are physical, real human beings based in real locations, on the US east and west coasts plus me here in Europe.

That's enough for now.
Just remember where you saw it first.

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Erika said...

Wow. I'm still reeling a little from the book about the guy who made more as a Second Life wares-merchant than his freelancing job. Oh, and the rumored plan to real-life tax fake-life game currency. Just stumbled onto your blog from an IceRocket search. Looks fun. I'll try to stop back.