Saturday, October 28, 2006

Talking with God

Esther is a small-town midwestern American who is now living in Tehran with her husband Keivan, an Iranian malcontent. She is way past calling herself a youth, so is no longer offended when people call her a girl. She has been keeping a blog about her life in Iran for three years now at View from Iran.

Ahmadinejad talks with God

I happen to have the full conversation that I pieced together after talking to many Iranians. As you probably already know, Ahmadinejad is not the only leader who speaks to God, but there is also W, and, surprisingly Chirac. Last year, I heard bits and pieces of the conversation and am now ready to report it to you.

Chirac first: “Mon Dieu, what is in store for me and my country in the coming year?” Chirac asks when he encounters God.

“I’m afraid I don’t have very good news for you… You’ll have riots, cars will burn, there will be a lot of political unrest. It’s just not very good, I’m afraid.”

Chirac leaves crying. He runs into Bush on his way out. “Hey what’s up frogface?” (W and Chirac are really good friends as they keep insisting to the rest of us.)

“Nothing good, I’m afraid. What a bad year I have in front of me!”

When W comes before God,he is also the recipient of some bad news. “What can I say?” God tells him. “Last year was bad with the hurricanes and the problems in Iraq and this year will be even worse with scandals and continued problems in Iraq and vast unpopularity at home.”

W leaves crying as well. All good news for Iran’s Ahmadinejad who is certain that W’s tears will be his cries of joy and whose turn to talk to God has come. When he enters God’s heavenly conference room Ahmadinejad is drenched in God’s tears.

“I have come before you to ask what is in store for my country,” Ahmadinejad says.

“I know,” answers God. “That’s why I’m crying.”

Read it here:
Victory certain in nuclear row due to relation with God: Iran leader
(I guess he was not paying att’n…)

Addendum May 21, 2007

Two posts with foul language have been left at this post.
I'm not sure the commenter(s) realize that I'm in sympathy. Surely they (or he) must know that profanity is offensive and not apt to make anyone into a friend. Even sympathetic listeners do not want to be associated with that kind of language.

Also, I don't think the reference to "hizbolla" means the same from Iranian dissidents as it might in Lebanon, the place most Americans associate with Hezbolla.

I saw that same picture (linked above) at a post yesterday from Serendip. There is also a link to a YouTube video showing the apprehension and police abuse of a girl on the street by Iranian police. Today there are several more posts with pictures of Iranian students and others protesting the authorities.

Looks like the kettle is starting to boil.


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