Monday, October 30, 2006

Marc Cooper on the upcoming election

Who's Marc Cooper?

I’m also host and executive producer of the weekly syndicated Radio Nation that airs on scores of public radio stations in the United States and Canada.
Every week or so I also write a regular politics column for
L.A. Weekly where I am also a senior editor. I also frequently contribute commentaries to the Sunday Opinion section of the Los Angeles Times.
The last couple of years I have spent a lot of time reporting in Las Vegas. This allowed me to sharpen my already awesome Blackjack skills (I prefer hand-pitched single deck). You can read all about it my most recent book,
The Last Honest Place in America: Paradise and Perdition in the New Las Vegas.
In between Blackjack tournaments, I teach journalism at the USC Annenberg School of Communication and also serve as Senior Fellow for Border Justice at
Annenberg’s Institute for Justice and Journalism.

I can't recall why I added him to my aggregator, but I'm glad I did.
This post is a delightful romp. Sometimes politics is a come-one-come-call participation event. This time it's mainly a spectator sport. Give 'em some more rope.

Reading pieces like this you have to wonder how and when else can you have so much fun and still keep your clothes on?

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