Thursday, October 26, 2006

Inside a Baghdad hospital

Update August 7, 2007
This post was visited by someone looking for the video but the link is no longer active and I cannot find another. The video archives for BBC is probably unavailable after a period of time.
Here are a couple of links with written descriptions and pictures that may be of interest. I wish I had copied more from the comments thread.
BBC has a very large amount of video and audio stories on line. Even with today's technology storage and filing issues must be a nightmare.


BBC Television aired a powerful documentary that is drawing comments such as these...

I was unprepared for such a powerful and insightful account of the situation in Iraq. It is harrowing to see how helpless the people are against an unseen enemy. This is a true eye opener and must be shown again with better publicity.
Alex Stevens, Horsham

What a magnificent programme. I watched it in frozen horror, unable to stop the tears cascading down my face.
Varvara Black, Lytham St Annes

I was immensely moved by tonight's episode of This World. I was surprised to see such an insightful documentary on the troubles in Iraq on the BBC due to the restrictions on Western media in the country. The use of an Iraqi doctor as the journalist allowed this programme to fully explore what life is really like in Baghdad. It has changed my view on Iraq and I will rave about it to my peers.
Chris Rush, Glasgow

The video is just over nineteen minutes and is worth a look. American audiences accustomed to seeing all manner of bloody scenes on our own doctor and crime programs might very well dismiss what they see as well-done drama, but in this case the blood, screams and dialogue are real and unrehearsed. I couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing for the same reason that I have yet to watch Spielberg's Schindler's List and a few other films. I already got the point. My hope is that by furnishing this link I can somehow get the attention of someone with more influence than me to step up his or her efforts to bring an end to the horrible madness raging out of control in Iraq.

Zayed at Healing Iraq linked the video with his own remarks.
This video filmed by an Iraqi doctor is a must see. I am amazed that someone could actually film the terrible conditions inside one of Iraq's most dangerous hospitals, Al-Yarmouk Hospital in western Baghdad, in these troubled days. I was struggling to keep my tears from flowing because I was watching it with an American friend 2 days ago. But at one point, when an injured Shi'ite woman lying in an ambulance started screaming at the camera, "Bring Saddam back! It wasn't like this under his rule!" I lost control.

This should be on every American tv channel. Go see it.

While you're at Zayed's blog, take a moment to read the previous post describing the murder of a young hairdresser. His brother Nabil blogged it first.
She was dragged out of her taxi by 4 gunmen, a sack was put on her head and then they opened fire. Her corpse was left on the street for over 3 hours because no one dared to go near it. The worst was when Iraqi troops arrived at night to pick up the corpse. They had to shoot it several times to ensure it wasn't booby-trapped with explosives, something that is becoming more and more common in our area of Baghdad.

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