Saturday, October 07, 2006

Google's Beta Blogger

Sounds like beta blocker, doesn't it?
Well, it's not. But it's the next best thing. I converted my blog yesterday and today to the new format and it's like having a new car. I could have changed style, color schemes and all kinds of stuff, but I rather like the old look. I have noticed as a visitor that the blogs with black writing on white field are clear, clean and easy to read. If I ever change, that will be the direction I will take.

Meantime, I'm getting settled in new digs. No more logging in to create a new post. Just click a link at the top of the screen and voila! Several new bells and whistles, too, including click and drag layout reconfiguration of components. Best of all, posts are now numbered, and the archives look a bit more orderly. Over 1700 posts in two years. That's almost over the two thousand mark that Google said was too big to convert. Not too bad for an old guy pecking away after work.

Oh, I almost forgot: instant publishing! No more waiting for those screens with percentages to drag by. I don't know how they do it. The internets just keeps getting better.

I had to start Sitemeter all over with #1 in a new account, but they have a way to start the meter with any number you like, so I picked 42000. Don't want to look any bigger than I really am. I haven't decided yet if I want to put that TTLB stuff down there. Slimy Whatever is not all that great. Maybe someday I will have more to brag about.

Thanks to my handful of readers, whoever you may be. I like to get comments and try to be polite when I do. Sometimes, though (and this has been pointed out to me from time to time) I do have issues with sarcasm...both mine and that of others. I'm not sure which I like better...

Thanks for reading.


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