Monday, October 30, 2006

Gypsy legend of the nails

Gordon Atkinson recalls a story from seminary days about an experience with Gypsies. He tells it in his customary down-to-earth way and gets to the point without a lot of hoopla.

David and I worked together driving limousines while we were in seminary. Driving a limousine is NOT a glamorous job. Glamorous people don’t hire limos very often. You mostly end up with drug addicts (the back of a limo is a safe place to do drugs), people who have fallen into money and are spending it as fast as they can, and prom dates. Prom dates are the worst. Drunken abusive kids, vomit on the carpet, and no tip.

Just what I need. More trivia. But it's like candy. I can't help myself.

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