Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deepak Chopra takes a few hits

That title is actually an exercise in understatement. The two links found at 3Quarks are the fisking equivalent of an old Cowboy song...

Ther wuz bluud on the saddle
And bluud on the ground
And a great big puddle
Of bluud all around...

If you find fisking entertaining, go take a look.

One of the writers at Respectful Insolence continues a smack-down started by Phyrangula. Between the two of them they leave poor Deepak in a quivering heap.

I'm not attracted to this kind of verbal savagery. It's too much like professional wrestling. But fisking is like sports. From time to time there is something like a World Series or Superbowl that no one can ignore, even those of us who find sports and playing cards a monotonous waste of time. This seems to be one of those occasions.

I learned a new word: woo.
You know you're in for some first class Chopra woo (or, as I think I'll call it from now on, Choprawoo, given that Dr. Chopra has "distinguished" himself with a certain kind of credulous woo that has become his trademark and therefore deserves a word of its own to describe it) from the very beginning...

From the comments...
The mystery of articles like this cannot be solved without answering one essential question. Why is Deepak Chopra so stupid?
btw, "Chopra woo" is redundant.

And a couple more...

>>>So intelligence exists independent of biological organisms? My god, the chiropractors have been right all along!

>>>I burst out laughing at the very first Choprawoo line:
"The mystery of life cannot be solved without answering
one essential question. Why are human beings intelligent?"

So, 1 millions years ago (before any intelligent human beings), there was no mystery
to life? It was all perfectly understandable until that dad-burned intelligence appeared?
Yeah. Right.

Quite long comment threads at both links. Everyone having a good time piling on. Something like a food fight but not as sticky.
Good for insomnia, though.

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