Friday, October 27, 2006

YouTube Redux

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Google's purchase of YouTube and included several links, including this one.

This morning I came across it once again in another context and was again taken away by its sad but whimsically beautiful charm. Viewers have left more than three and a half thousand comments and this ten-minute clip has been watched over seven hundred thousand times. There are video as well as written responses. Clearly, this piece touches deep places in many people.

Below the screen is this...
"This is a video response to The Beauty of Being Human"
The message is smart and inspiring, but the effect is clinical. The speaker talks about faith, God, free will and truth, but never in a way that reveals anything about himself. In the cleanest possible manner he does all he can to separate message from messenger. I suspect he wants the message to carry itself by the power of its truth, but the end result is muted because it lies there with little passion, the passion that only comes from a personal revelation on the part of the messenger.

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