Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Atrorney General Alberto Gonzalez Notes

Deborah White is one of this blog's most durable and on-task contacts. I've known her since before she started to work for the New York Times. (Betcha didn't know About.com is a Times property; scroll to the end of the page and check out the fine print.) This morning's comments on the attorney general is a bundle of links that illustrate both his deficiencies and Deborah White's diligent homework.

I'm already in the choir, so I don't listen too closely when this kind of preaching begins. But for someone shocked that anyone these days would not only admit to being Liberal but says it in your face, this might be a good place to start reading.

In my opinion, this man's influence on U.S. policy has been nothing short of evil incarnate. Furthermore, Gonzales has not the slightest interest in democracy as a form of governance, and has routinely disregarded Americans' constitutional liberties.

For a refresher on what Mr. Gonzales is all about, see my article The Strong-Arm Ideology of Alberto Gonzales , in which I reviewed his judicial rulings (when he was a Texas judge) and stances on many key issues.

The sooner George Bush loses Alberto Gonzales, the better off our country will undoubtedly be. And the sooner the United States can commence healing from the terrible damage wrought by the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Gonzales triad.

I'm admittedly prone to holding strong views... but I'm not alone in this one.

On March 11, 2007, the New York Times unequivocally stated, "Mr. Bush should dismiss Mr. Gonzales and finally appoint an attorney general who will use the job to enforce the law and defend the Constitution."

And Tom Head, About.com's Guide to Civil Liberties and author of many reference books on civil liberties, American history, and international human rights, gives three primary reasons Why Alberto Gonzales Must Resign.

I say dump Alberto Gonzales now, and let the healing commence!

hilzoy puts in her two cents as well.


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