Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two New Blogs: Hippy Gourmet and Ketchup Art

I can't believe it. In the short space of a few hours surfing I have come across two delightful spaces in the Internets that appeal to my geriatric Sixties-era heart. Well actually only one is an echo of the Sixties. The other is more or less timeless. You'll see which is which in a moment. Three and a half decades in the food business set me up to be a sucker for both.

First, here is a video from the Hippy Gourmet. I found it via Motion Abbey. Their video pick, also worth a look, is a short documentary about the solar-powered chariot. Surely the name alone is enough to prick your interest. Meantime, here is a recipe for Roasted Mixed Nuts Snack Mix. My favorite line: "I'm smellin' that nutty flavor again...I think my nuts are toasted!"


The other site, the timeless one, is also food related.

It's a photo blog consisting of, well...you can see for yourself.

When you go to the site the first image will be a random selection from what is apparently a growing collection of creations.

There is no archive that I could find and little in the way of credits or explanation. My guess is that it's a fairly new site which will swell as people all over the world start messing up public eating places even more than they have in the past, this time with digital cameras (or cell phones that take pictures) in hand to capture various creations.

My work in a retirement community dining room has spoiled me. I remember well how often we had to clean jello off the carpet, dropped by unsteady toddlers and unnoticed (I will be charitable) by their busy parents who then were able to step in it on their way out, insuring an indelible trace of their dining experience would remain until the carpet finally got irredeemably nasty and had to be replaced. I shudder to think how this new trend will impact the dining set, especially if kids start doing it to be cute.

Hurry, retirement. Come quickly!

Here, thanks to 3Quarks, is "Mao Tse Tchup."

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